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Chris Gordon

Morestead Stables

Fun will always be a priority for anyone who has a horse with Chris and Jenny Gordon, but don’t assume that this makes the pair any less ambitious. With many  Years experience in the Racing Industry Chris and Jenny have produced countless winners.

While only one name is allowed on the trainer’s licence, this is very much a partnership, and both are fiercely competitive, as they have been throughout long careers with horses.

The chance to rent an established thoroughbred training base came up in 2007 when Brendan Powell vacated Morestead Farm Stables. The Gordons grabbed the opportunity with both hands and they now own the property.

Chris Gordon Trainer
Chris Gordon Trainer.jpg
Jenny Gordon Assistant Trainer
Jenny Gordon Assistant Trainer.jpg

Morestead Stables, 


SO21 1JD


Tel: 07713 082392


Schooling is a huge part of what happens here at Morestead and we have a lot of different obstacles to suit all areas of a horse's education. We have rigid brush and wicker hurdles for the more traditional jumps that you would mainly see at a racecourse. We also have plastic EasyFix hurdles and fences. On top of this, we also have an assortment of cross-country styled challenges including logs, ditches and we are even growing our own hedges from scratch.


There are currently 54 boxes at Morestead. They are traditional build stables, made from solid wood and concrete. They are light and airy and give the horses plenty of opportunities to see the beautiful views here.


Our woodchip gallop is situated right next to the yard for easy access. It slopes up the hill away from the house and is protected from the elements by the line of trees.

These Gallops are also available for public use but MUST be booked through Chris himself around work hours. For any information regarding Price and Time slots please contact Chris through phone or email.


We have extensive grass gallops just on our doorstep. They span around the bowl of fields that you can see from the yard. Due to us being so high up they drain fantastically well and can be used throughout most of the winter.


We have installed an enclosed school which is used before every lot to warm up the horses before they go on to the gallop. It is also used as an educational area for horses that need flat and jumping work. Chris has a wide knowledge within the showing world and puts all the horses through their passes regularly to make sure they are as well balanced and correct as possible.


A brand new horse walker has been installed in 2018. This will aid in the cooling down of horses and also help any that cannot be ridden at certain times for any reason.


We are lucky enough to have a good amount of turn out right next to the yard. Horses can be let out and we can keep a close eye on them at all times.

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