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Question's we asked Tom Cannon

We asked Grade One winning jockey Tom Cannon, a series of 10

questions, that is not only a great ice breaker, if you are meeting, up

over the Christmas festive season with work colleagues, and friends

of friends.

Here goes Tom! No particular order.

Simon Question 1: What's your favourite Music

Tom Answered: pretty much anything! Mostly rap/grime/dance and a bit of indie!

Simon Question 2: Favourite football team

Tom Answered: Woking because they’re local!

Simon Question 3: Favourite Holiday destination

Tom Answered: Skiing anywhere or Turkey

Simon Question 4: Favourite food

Tom Answered: cookie dough and shop bought icing!

Simon Question 5: Favourite racecourse

Tom Answered: Fontwell/Plumpton (wetherby up north!)

Simon Question 6: Favourite Film/Movie

Tom Answered: The Business/The spy who came in from the cold

Simon Question 7: Star Sign

Tom Answered: Gemini

Simon Question 8: Stupidest injury

Tom Answered: not paying attention when tailed off at Cheltenham 2020 and galloping into the back of an injured horse resulting in knee reconstruction surgery (and a 3 day ban for carelessness!)

Simon Question 9: Something you wouldn’t guess about me

Tom Answered: I sleep on the floor, just straight on the floor most days! Always seem to sleep better and never wake up stiff either. I got 5A*s and 5As in gcse and 3 As in AS levels before jacking in it and going off to work in racing, seemed like a massive mistake when I returned home like the prodigal son after 18 months having had no rides and wanted to get out of racing, thankfully not having any early success made me hungry for more and it worked out ok in the end.

Simon Question 10: Unusual talent

Tom Answered: cow mooing which my daughter finds hilarious, also pretending my kids toys are attacking me which isn’t the best way to get 2 kids to sleep….(says my wife!)


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